Brie Moffett      PHR, Director of HRIS, Compensation, and Benefits

“That shared innovation and shared passion that surrounds the business process but also the technology is something Veritas Prime excels at.”

Tysha Gamble      Human Resources Director

“They genuinely were authentically concerned with our business to the point where it was a true partnership, and we didn’t see them as this consultant agency. We have enlisted HelpMyCloud to help us with large projects that touch the entire organization. They have us thinking about not only what they can do currently, but where we need to go next. We still want to be scalable in our thought process and still be thought leaders in our organization to beenefit our workforce overall. That was one of the key differentiators; was choosing a true partner. To this day, that is the relationship we maintain with Veritas Prime, is that partnership.”

Ellen Meister   HRIS Manager

“Colas North America has been working closely with Veritas Prime for the past two years and the relationship that we have built over that time, is outstanding.  For support, We work directly with a Delivery Manager who fully knows our company, our configuration and our HRIS support staff really well. Veritas Prime truly are an extension of the Colas HRIS Team.”

Sharon Gerasia Director of OD & Talent

“Our experience with Veritas Prime was outstanding. Their dedication to understanding our needs and delivering what they committed was exceptional. They more than met our expectations on implementation and beyond. We are fortunate to have them as a our partner with SAP SuccessFactors.”