Custom Reporting and Analytics

Reporting requirements are unique for each division or group within your company. Therefore a limited standard set of reports isn’t going to cut it. Veritas Prime offers custom reporting and analytics packages that are tailored to your specific needs. Each of your business reporting requirements are analyzed and the best tool(s) selected to meet your needs. We don’t try to make due with a single tool/solution. Are reporting experts are trained on all of the following solutions:

  1. Ad Hoc Reports
    • Available in SuccessFactors out of the box
    • Basic reports that can be exported to Excel, CSV, PDF, and PowerPoint.
  2. BIRT
    • Requires partner involvement
    • Used to enhance AdHoc reporting with charts and custom calculations
  3. Online Report Designer
    • Available in SuccessFactors out of the box
  4. Standard Dashboard Tile Builder
    • Available in SuccessFactors out of the box
    • Allows simple tiles to be created that can be placed on your dashboard
  5. YouCalc
    • Requires partner involvement
    • Allows complex dashboard to be created and loaded into SuccessFactors

SuccessFactors allows us to harmonize the look and feel across all five solutions. If enabled Report Center can be used to access all of the report types. Below are some examples of reports generated using the different solutions.